How does it feel to be you?

Been human is a gift I think, as there are so many other things we can be but none of those would be you.

Sometimes I stop to ask myself if can choose to be something or someone else what or who would that be. Of course, my answer differs depending on my frame of mind. When I’m sad I want to be an unfeeling thing, something that has no heart and feelings so I don’t hurt. In happy times I just want to be me. No one knows what I feel or think, how my stomach flutters my pulse race, exactly. We all think we know what it feels like but none of us can certainly say “yes that’s exactly how I feel!” its all speculative because we are all different. We experience life differently because our circumstances are different.

Yes, we have common traits but the precise embodiment of a feeling is completely differently expressed. Appreciating the warmth of the sun on my skin could be a curse for someone else as their bodies may not be acclimatised to extreme heat whereas I might be born and raised in the desert. The same for our emotions. No two people react the same even if the same probabilities apply to both. The difference is our culture, race, language, nationality, religion etc. It all plays a role in the formation of our self-worth, our identity. Defining who we are is subject to knowing who you truly are. Honesty, discernment and integrity all inform the individual of their self-worth but it is not the be-all and end-all of humanity.

Humans are very complicated and can’t be placed into tidy little boxes because we are reasoning and creative beings who are always on the lookout for our “la raison pour d’ĂȘtre”.

There are many external factors that differentiate us but our inner psyche is similar. We all have basic needs as human beings; love, kindness, security and hope means the same to a baby as what it means to a 90 year. That inadvertently confirms that our soul is the epitome of humanity.

We have overcome many struggles, we are overcoming present struggle and we shall overcome future struggles. Present-day problems are numerous but the one to find, the individual is the utmost important one.

Our young people deserve a better future, a future where differences in class, race, religion, sexuality and physical ability do not define the person but a world where everyone is encouraged to be their best selves with no fear of shortcoming.

Who am I then? Im someone who values other people, try to be my best self, learn and teach where I can. I am human, black, African, woman, daughter, sister, friend, mother, aunt, grandmother.

A vessel to fill up and be filled.

I am from dust, I am speck of grain.

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