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It’s strange how we have so many goals and aims but never really get to do things until we feel pressured. I don’t know about you but that is how I get into action and start new things. Whether I begin something out of a free will or necessity (which is more like me) it’s hard to find the right time to do. And even when you do start many of my projects fall by the wayside. I’m good at starting things very poor at finishing them.

This year is a very important year for me. I have just turned 50, my first grandchild is on the way and I have just completed a very successful year at uni! That, in its self, is amazing. Like everyone else, my year started great and then we were hit by COVID 19.  Disaster!!!!! Now no matter what your theory is about this virus, the fact remains we have all been affected by it. Horrifying numbers of people lost their lives, I lost someone dear to me too.  We felt helpless! We are sanctioned to our homes and unable to actively do anything to stop this sacrilege. so we have to sit it out. Doing nothing is not designed for the human brain. We start to overthink things. As people, we want to help and not see others suffer, most of us anyway. so it’s at this moment that I have been thinking and re-evaluating and recalculating my life. Getting rid of my insecurities will take a while but I have decided to actively work on that and not be too judgemental of my achievements.

What this made me realise is that life is short, every second count. We spend so much time been preoccupied with material things that we seem to have lost the real reason for living… humanity. Without us, there is no point to be alive as we live for each other. Life was never intended for us to be in isolation, no we are made to live in harmony with each other.

I think life at times bites us hard just so we can re-evaluate, recalibrate and try again. Because that is what it really is: trying. Trying to be your best self. To find pleasure in the small things that are so easily pushed aside in our pursuit of the finest, the best most unfulfilling material things to plug that empty void of loneliness that becomes our lives in a fast-moving rollercoaster we call life.

Maybe you want to start a hobby or turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Now is your time. Do it. Reclaim sanity and make time for yourself and the community around you.

This period of isolation has taught me that without people around me I am nothing but with them we are human

Inspirational Artists

artistmediumartworkPersonal workNotes on work
Barbara hepworthsculptureI love the contrast between firmness of the mesh and soft, tactile and colourful of knitted plan is to create a structure that will play with these concepts. 
Magdalene onduno3 D  sculptural working in clay, glass and wood
picassoMixed mediaPicasso was never preoccupied with trends, he pushed himself to explore wildly in genres not yet established.He worked across a wide variety of mediums including clay.He was inspired by life
Piet mondrianAbstract artModrian was a prolific painter.His work marks the changes in his practice in chronological order, as he moved from representational to abstraction.His focus was really on creating a lifestyle much like art deco, etc. formed a movement called De Stijl together with a contemporary Theo van Doesburg who was a painter and architect.there is some links mention to their work to Bauhaus.
Ben nicholson
sculptorBen nicholson was a founding member of  Unit One, the Seven and Five Society – and abroad – Circle, Abstraction-Création together with Barbara Hepworth , mondrian and Brague.moore Piper were also co-founders .
Jackson pollockpainterI love the unpredictability of his way of painting.There is no preplanned composition so the composition and subject is due to chance, gravity, force and movement. 
Elaine de koningpainterSunday Afternoon, 1957 - Elaine de KooningJohn F. Kennedy - Elaine de KooningHer work was abstract but gestural figuration up until she went on holiday in a desert area and found a new way to paint.
Henry matissepainterHenri Matisse | Nu Bleu II (Blue Nude II) (2007) | Available for Sale |  ArtsyHis technique of drawing very loosely is appealing to me 
Elisabeth frinksculptorHer work is unique as she does not make them look beautiful.where her tools have shaved off is visible on the end product.The fact that we are unique as people and not perfect because of this is highlighted in her work and this is the essence of my interest.
Louise bourgoissculptorShe works across genres from drawings, sculpture textile to rap music at 84 years of age. She worked her life on the same subject
Gerald sekotopainterInspirational artist who was able to record south african people story in a time of separation.
Anthony gormleysculptorI need to work on form and finding the best material to do this with
Maya angelouAuthor actress songstress Although she speaks on serious topics her delivery is lighthearted and confident.
Jean mitchell basquateAbstract artBasquate was a self taught artist, although he enrolled at art school he never completed any formal training.He was inspired by his surrounding his mother. He was confident in his message and how he wanted to portray that message.

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