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It’s strange how we have so many goals and aims but never really get to do things until we feel pressured. I don’t know about you but that is how …
artwork by Linda Cassels Have you ever wondered why we react to negative feedback in a certain manner and when people are randomly kind we question that?I was chatting to …
Piet Mondrian
Pieter Cornelius Mondriaan, later known as Piet Mondrian, was born in the Netherlands in 1872 and died in  Feb 1944. Mondrian was a painter and theoretician. Mondrian is known as …
What is the definition of COMPASSION? Compassion literally means “to suffer together.” Among emotion researchers, it is defined as the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another's suffering and …
Identity How does it feel to be you? Been human is a gift I think, as there are so many other things we can be but none of those would …

‘Facts are braided together according to who writes it, Dominic Arkwright, BBC4 Xtra Trivia

 I am black
  You are black
 We are black
 Is The world   black

 I am white  light
 You are white 
 we are white 
 Is The world  white

 I am mixed
 You are mixed
 We are mixed
 Is The world. mixed

 I am free
 You are free
 We are free
 Is The world  free

 I am an animal
 You are an animal
 We are animals
 Are The world  animals

 I am human
 You are human
 We are human
 Is The world human

 I am at peace
 You are at peace
 We are at peace
 Is The world  at peace

 I am  grey
 You are grey
 We are grey
 The world is grey

 I have choices
 You have choices
 We have choices
 Does The world  choices

 I am hungry
 You are hungry
 We are hungry
 Is The world  hungry

 Repeat  extenuate each word individually
 On return factor in speech marks , . .
 ? !  so you have 7 repetitions of the text

 I have equality
 You have equality
 We have equality 
 Are we all equal.

 Recording, Ind

 Following researching Bruce Nauman as advised by YLF, I decided to do some recordings of both me doing some performances and also working. Trying to understand how I think thru things.this ended up been a part enjoyable but also frustrating. When recording the word/ spoken content the recorder transcribed a lot of what I was saying as profanities when it was not and some where gibberish, non sensible words. I found it hard to correct as I was just things I would say that popped up in my head and I could not remember most of what I said. I wanted to say things and not think too much about what I  was saying. Looking into my deeper self. I found the actual process was freeing in a way as I was not so hung up on making anyone understand what I’m saying. This has been the most frustrating bit about English been a second language, I always found myself having to explain what I mean in England.  I understand how language can be a barrier to anyone more so when you don’t understand nor speak the language. That makes me think how hard it must have been for Saartjie who had no formal education and had to teach herself 2 new languages! Yes its true that some people have the aptitude to pick up languages quite easily but in the timespan she was here she could not possible have been fluent.
  posting short videos of me making is what I plan to do next with the hope of seeing where I can take this.